About Sylvia Montes

Learn More About Sylvia Montes and her vision for training women.


NRA pistol instructors prioritize instilling unwavering firearm safety practices in their students, ensuring they understand and consistently apply the four fundamental gun safety rules to prevent accidents and promote responsible gun handling.


NRA pistol instructors aim to cultivate their students’ handgun skills by teaching proper shooting techniques and marksmanship principles, empowering them to become accurate, confident, and effective pistol shooters.


In addition to technical skills, NRA pistol instructors provide essential knowledge about firearm-related laws, self-defense considerations, and ethical responsibilities to ensure students comprehend when and how to use a pistol legally and ethically within the bounds of the law.

Sylvia Montes


Sylvia is passionate about each person being and taking responsibility for their own safety and that of their family, especially women as they are in a unique position compared to most. She believes that teaching women in many cases needs a special approach from someone who can relate to special circumstances/experiences that they have grown up and dealt with thus she approaches firearms education from that standpoint and customizes and adjusts the learning process based on those experiences.

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