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Our Texas Permitless Carry courses offer the convenience of learning at your own pace and on your schedule, making it easier to fit the required training into your busy life. You can access course materials from the comfort of your home or any location with internet access, eliminating the need for travel and time spent in traditional classroom settings.


Online courses are accessible to a broader range of individuals, including those in remote or under-served areas of Texas, where finding a nearby in-person class might be challenging. This accessibility ensures that more people have the opportunity to learn about Texas Permitless Carry and exercise their Second Amendment rights responsibly.

Cost Efficient

Online courses can be cost-effective when you consider the potential savings on travel expenses, as well as the ability to choose competitively priced course options. This cost-efficiency makes learning about Texas Permitless carry accessible to a wider range of individuals, including those on a budget.

Texas Permitless Carry Class

Texas Constitutional Carry is really permitless carry but fully allows certain people to carry a handgun without a license to carry. Permitless carry has its own set of rules and regulations that are not the same as those who have a Texas License to Carry.
As you will have different requirements and laws you will have to follow, if you plan to carry without a license, you need to know where you can and can’t carry. Remember it is NOT the same as those with a Texas LTC.
Most people do not even know about many of the differences in the past that could get into into big trouble if you are unprepared. Our Texas Online Texas Permitless Carry class was created so that you could learn the laws and start carrying today.
Our online course will teach you everything you need to know and you could start carrying today after completing our 30 minute course.

Online Permitless Carry Courses

This course was prepared by Texas DPS certified instructors who put this together in an easy 30 minute Texas permitless carry course to teach you everything you need to know to start carrying immediately without a license and stay out of trouble.

Topics Covered

The course includes the use of deadly force laws as well as the laws regarding protecting your property and protecting another person other than yourself.
If you choose not to or prefer not to get your Texas LTC then this course is for you.
No shooting, no testing, and no license this course will have you carrying without a license with confidence and will keep you out of trouble.

No LTC? Carry Responsibly in Texas.

Our Permitless Carry class will give you the knowledge you need to carry without a license responsibly in Texas.

Don’t get caught without knowing the law! Enroll in our class today!

Have Questions?

We understand that you may have questions regarding the Texas permitless carry. We are here to help any questions you may have!

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