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Motorcade Escort Service

What is a motorcade escort? A motorcade is a procession of vehicles; you have probably at some point seen a motorcade escort pass with a parade of cars following each other along with motorcycles guiding traffic around them. Our business in these instances is adding visibility and warning to other motorist along the route. These services help ensure the safety and cohesion of processions/groups to their final destination free from traffic jams, accidents, and missed turns. Even a small procession traveling only a short distance possibly as little as a half mile can be a dangerous trip event when careless drivers fail to recognize the presence of a procession.

We also offer/coordinate motorcade escort services for a multitude of occasions:

Special Events
Charity Events
V.I.P. Transfers
Dignitaries from out of town
Concerts and Sporting Events
Motorcycle rides/fundraisers

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