Texas Online LTC Class

Texas online LTC class.

Texas Precision Firearms Academy’s online LTC class offers the best online license to carry training available in the state of Texas. While still referred to by many as a concealed handgun license (CHL), officially it is now called Texas License to Carry (LTC). By either name, this license allows you carry either open carry or concealed carry in Texas without all of the restrictions and potential penalties associated with carrying without a license.

Our LTC class is online and is approved in the entire State of Texas by the Texas DPS. Our class has a 100% pass guarantee and is the top-rated online LTC class in Texas. Getting your concealed handgun license or your LTC will give you that peace of mind having additional legal protections without all the penalties.

LTC Class

Do you want to avoid a crowded classroom? Well, you can with our online LTC class that is 100% self-paced and available to you anytime and anywhere 24/7. Our course breaks down and teaches everything that you need to know in such a way that’s it’s easy for everyone to understand and you can stop at any time and start back up where you left off as all progress is saved as you go. No need to crowd in that classroom full of strangers when you can take this from the comfort of your own sofa (or anywhere else you like). There is a reason our training is the #1 course in Texas.

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