Legally Carry in 38 States with a Texas LTC

Legally Carry in 38 State with a Texas LTC

Did you know that your Texas LTC allows you to legally carry in a total of 38 states (including Texas). Texas LTC classes are held at various locations across the state but now most people take their Texas LTC class online. You are able to take the Texas LTC class online at home anytime, at your own pace, and with confidence with our guaranteed 100% pass rate. Most people no longer attend an in person Texas LTC class anymore as Texas LTC online training has become the most popular way to get certified for your Texas LTC.

One of the biggest reasons the online class has become so popular is because you can take it at anytime from home. A close second is that it is also at your own pace so if you need to pause it to do something, no issue at all, your progress is saved and you can pick up where you left off. The majority of people who get their Texas LTC have taken the online class. The online class is designed so that it is easy for everyone to understand and has a 100% pass guarantee. Texas Precision Firearms Academy offers the official Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) online Texas LTC class.

Online Texas LTC Class

The online course is available 24/7, you can enroll and start at anytime, and it is self paced course and it saves your progress so you can take it a little at a time or all at once. The Texas LTC online calss is a total of four hours long as required by Texas state law. The online class works on all devices including your smartphone, laptop, desktop and even your tablet. We have many clients that take the entire course on their phone.

Once you have completed your course and receive your Texas LTC you will never have to take a class again. Every 5 years you will simply renew your Texas LTC online on the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) website. That means even if you ever move out of Texas you can keep your Texas LTC active.

Texas LTC

The Texas LTC also allows you to carry in majority of other states when you travel. It is literally the most recognized handgun license available today allowing you to legally concealed carry in a grand total of 38 states (inclduing Texas). The license allows you to carry in more places in Texas and provides you with additional legal protections while concealed carrying over constitutional carry alone. Everyone carrying a handgun in Texas should, without question, get a Texas LTC.

Texas LTC Application Process

The application process is also completely online. You will submit your application and your course completion certificate online on the DPS website. The course will cover this process in detail and take you step by step. It is a simple process. Your LTC 101 (certificate of training) will be available for you to download instantly upon completing the online course.

Paper applications are no longer required and the entire process has been streamlined. Applications are processed faster and you will receive your Texas LTC faster since everything is submitted online.

If you want to get your Texas LTC and concealed carry legally in 38 states? This is your chance. Only $49!

Enroll Now to Legally Carry in 38 State with a Texas LTC

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