Handguns 101

Join us for an instructor led class to learn how to safely handle your handgun.

Handguns 101
Discover the essential knowledge of handguns.

Our class is designed to emphasize the core principles of accuracy, proficient weapons manipulation, and striking the balance between speed and precision, even in high-stress situations. Whether you’re a novice or looking to refine your skills, this course is your gateway to mastering the fundamental skills required for confident and responsible handgun ownership

What to expect from Handguns 101

We focus on the following skills in a friendly and safe environment.


In this segment, we’ll start with a comprehensive safety briefing, covering the four cardinal firearm safety rules, ensuring that safety remains paramount throughout the course. We’ll also discuss the importance of situational awareness and the mindset required for safe and responsible gun handling.

Proper Gear Selection

Learn how to select and set up your gear efficiently. We’ll cover everything from holster selection and placement to magazine pouches and belts, ensuring that your gear complements your shooting style and facilitates quick and consistent access to your handgun.

Accuracy Fundamentals

Master the core principles of accuracy, including sight alignment, trigger control, and breathing techniques. We’ll delve into the importance of a stable platform and provide practical drills to enhance your marksmanship skills.

Balance of Speed and Accuracy

Discover the art of striking the right balance between speed and accuracy, especially under stress. We’ll explore techniques for quickly acquiring targets while maintaining precise shot placement, a crucial skill for self-defense scenarios.

Speed/Tactical Reloads

Learn the difference between speed reloads and tactical reloads and practice both techniques. We’ll focus on efficient magazine changes while minimizing downtime, ensuring you can keep your handgun in the fight when it matters most.


Understand how to identify and clear common handgun malfunctions swiftly and safely. You’ll gain confidence in troubleshooting issues like stovepipes, double-feeds, and failures to fire, ensuring your firearm remains operational in adverse situations.

Movement Drills

Experience dynamic shooting scenarios that incorporate movement. We’ll cover techniques for safely and effectively moving in defensive situations, including advancing, retreating, and lateral movement while engaging targets.

Improvised Shooting Positions

Explore various improvised shooting positions, including cover and concealment. Learn how to use your environment to your advantage and engage threats effectively while minimizing your exposure, a critical skill for personal protection.

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